Silvana Salame

Schnyder — digital font specimen for the Schnyder typeface of Commercial Type Font Foundry

Schnyder Font Specimen

Schnyder was designed by Berton Hasebe & Christian Schwartz for the 2013 top-to-bottom redesign of T, the New York Times Style Magazine by creative director Patrick Li & his team. This typeface exists comfortably in the grey area between lettering and type, drawing inspiration from Beaux Arts-era typefaces & a piece of pointed pen lettering from Switzerland that was very precise in its thick and thin strokes, but with organic and unusual structures for individual letters and great variations in character widths from line to line.

The main goal for this design was the creation of a digital font specimen in the form of a landing page to promote a typeface & display it’s quality & details of the font construction to promote & display on the "Commercial Type" font foundry’s webpage

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