Silvana Salame

What I do

I meticulously craft websites that reflect brand values & individuality. I help achieve important targets such as an immersive experience, a memorable brand presence, & an intuitive functioning flow.

What I believe in

My strengths are built upon the unnoticed details that form unity & order. Design is not a talent, but the result of a consistent & multi-state research process. That's why the results should always remain consistent & independent of inspiration.

My Design Process

1. Break the Ice

We will schedule our first online meeting to get acquainted & begin discussing project details. We’ll also finalize deadlines & sign the contract during this meeting.

2. Analysis

I’ll conduct a competitive analysis & audience research for your product. This will help us create a unique, intuitive site.

3. Structure

I’ll plan the website’s structure & logic. For larger projects, I’ll provide an outline for better understanding.

4. Brainstorming

I’ll gather examples of relevant websites for discussion along with references of graphics, typography, composition, & color schemes.

5. First Draft

After initial steps, I’ll craft three design concepts for the first screen. You’ll select your favorite, guiding the design for the entire website.

6. The Web Design

I’ll design the website in Figma, sharing updates with you. We can have a meeting to discuss the progress & design choices.

7. Design to Webflow

I will move the approved layout to Webflow, where your website will come to life. Furthermore, I will ensure responsiveness across all devices.

8. Publish

After the launch , I will provide you with all necessary access. I’ll be available for two months to assist with any issues or questions, free of charge.

Let’s brainstorm & create something extraordinary together​